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Autumn Slumber

Autumn Slumber
written 10/19/2013

I am using the work of Tom Flemming. I got this image when he was with MPT but I am not sure where to get his work now.

Scrap Kit is by MizTeeques Digital Designs. It's called Autumn Delight.

Font of your choice.

Mask of your choice I am using Mask # 229 by Weescotlass Creations. You can find her masks at

Lets Begin:

Open element 19 and shift+D to duplicate. Close the original.
Resize the frame by 65%.
Make your canvas large enough to work with and give you lots of room.
Add a new raster layer and drag under the frame.
Make your frame layer active and with your magic wand select the inside of the frame. Go to selections modify and expand by 6.
Open paper 11 and copy.
Back to your tag make your bottom layer active and go to edit paste into selections.
Selections select none.
Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer. Drag the top if not there already.
I made mine so she was laying on the frame but placement is entirely up to you .. You just want to have some of the inside of the frame visible because that is where your animation is going to be.
Open element 1 and resize by 25%. Copy and paste as a new layer.
Now the object here is we are going to make a bed of leaves for your tube to lay/sit/stand in. So arrange so it appears this way.
Duplicate this layer and image flip horizontal and move to another spot under the tube.
Merge these 2 layers visible.
We are going to continue this with elements 2 and 3 until the bed looks nice and full.
Open element 48 and resize by 65% and add this to the bed of leaves.
Open element 6 and resize 60% and image flip horizontal. Copy and paste as a new layer and also arrange on the bed of leaves.
Open paper 6 and copy and paste as a new layer and move to the bottom.
Apply the mask of your choice. Delete the mask layer and merge the group.
I chose to add some text around my frame. This is completely up to you.
Add your copyright information.
Add your name.
Now lets prepare the layers for animation.
I always add a white background layer when I am animating as it helps with the pixelization that animation causes.
Merge your mask layer, background paper layer, copyright and text layers.
Close this layer and merge all the rest.
You should have 3 layers at this point.
White background
Mask layer
Tube layer.
Close your top layer with your tube on it and make your white background layer active.
Edit copy special, copy merged.
Go to animation shop and right click and paste as a new animation.
Now open the right trail spark animation.
I resized it by 80%.
Take note of how many frames are in the animation. There should be 25.
You need to duplicate your tag to match the number of frames.
Edit select all frames on both the animation and the tag.
Grab the first frame of the animation and drag it to the first frame of the tag and place where you want. You may have to undo and replace a few times to get the placement that you want.
Back to psp and copy the layer with your tube on it.
Right click and paste as a new animation. Duplicate to match the frames.
Edit select all.
Grab the first frame of this tag and drag onto the first frame of main tag and place where it needs to be.
Select all frames. Edit Copy. Go to frame 25 and right click on frame 25 and edit paste after current frame.
Edit reverse frames.
View your animated tag. If you are happy resize and save.

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