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Naughty Christmas

Naughty Christmas
written 11/27/2013


Tube of your choice. I am using one by The Hunter. You can get this tube at

Mask of your choice. I am using #306 from Vix. You can get it at

Font of your choice. I am using Fanfare JF.

Lets Begin:

Open element 13 and shift +D to duplicate. Close the original.
Resize and then make your canvas large enough to give you room to work with.
Move the frame to the middle right of the canvas.
Using your magic wand select the inside of the frame and go to selections modify and expand by 6.
Open paper 8 and resize. Copy and paste as a new layer and position so you can see the cabin and trees in the frame.
Selections invert and hit delete.
Open paper 4 and copy and paste and drag to the bottom.
Apply the mask of your choice and delete the mask layer.
Merge group.
Go to adjust add/remove noise and add noise at 75% and using uniform and monochrome.
Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer and place on the left hand side of the tag.
Add a drop shadow.
Open element 20. Copy and paste as a new layer and place along the top of the frame. Duplicate and drag to the bottom of the frame.
Open element 29 and resize.
Copy and paste as a new layer and place to the left of your tube and behind it.
Add a drop shadow.
Open element 24 and resize.
Copy and paste as a new layer and move to the top right of the frame.
If you would like write “I've Been Naughty” along the top.
Add your name and your copyright information and lets get ready to animate.
The way I chose to animate this tag is a long way but its the best way I can do it to keep the aspect ratio of everything and make it look good.
First merge together all layers except your mask and the background paper that is in the frame.
Hide that layer.
Now copy the background paper layer and paste as a new image in psp.
Now merge together the mask and background paper layers.
Ok now open your animation in animation shop and copy it.
Back to psp and paste as a new image.
This will open your animation with all the layers.
Ok now back to your copied background paper layer.
Add a new raster layer and then duplicate that empty layer 18 more times for a total of 19.
Now you are going to fill each of your blank layers here with a layer from your animation.
Make sure you do them from the bottom up and do them in order.
Once you are done copy the layers into animation shop and view your animation to make sure it looks ok.
Now copy your mask and background paper layer into psp and duplicate to match the frames.
Drag your animated layers onto this canvas. Don't let go until you have the paper layers lined up right.
Now back to psp and copy the other layer with all your goodies on it.
Paste it into animation shop and duplicate it to match.
Drag it onto your canvas and dont let go until its in place.
Resize your tag if you need/want to.

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