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Winter Star

Winter Star
written 11/26/2013


Tube of your choice. I am using the work of Camilla Drakenborg. You can get her images at

Scrap kit is Blue Christmas by Chachaz Creationz. You can get it at

Animation by Lovey. You can get her awesome animations at

Font of your choice. I am using Cancellaresca- Script

Lets begin:
Open a new blank canvas that gives you plenty of room to work with.
Set your background color to white and turn off your foreground color.
Draw out a rectangle in the center of your canvas.
Convert to a raster layer.
Adjust add/remove noise. Add noise at 30% using uniform and monochrome.
Open paper 5.
Set it as your background.
Draw out another rectangle on top of your white one but just a bit smaller.
Convert to raster layer.
Add a drop shadow to both layers.
Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer and move over to the far left hand side of your tag.
Add a drop shadow.
Open element 14 and copy and paste as a new layer. Move behind your tube.
Open element 18 and copy and paste as a new layer.
Flip horizontal and then flip vertical.
Move to the right side of your tag and place the top flower where it matches with the top right corner of your tag area.
Open element 40 and resize by 50%. I chose to colorize mine to match my background but this is completely up to you.
Copy and paste as a new layer and move to the far left of your tag behind your tube and line up with the top of your top rectangle layer.
Duplicate and move to the left and keep doing so until you have them all the way across the tag.
Add a drop shadow to each layer.
Open element 24 and copy resize by 50%.
Copy and paste as a new layer and move to the top middle of your tag.
Add your name.
Add your copyright information and lets get ready to animate.
First we are going to merge layers to make it easier.
Hide your bottom 3 layers. This should be a blank layer, the white rectangle and the colored triangle.
Now merge visible all the others.
Hide this newly merged layer.
Unhide the bottom layer and flood fill with white.
Unhide the other 2 rectangle layers.
Merge visible these layers.
Now you are going to copy this newly merged layer with the rectangles on it.
Open animation shop and paste as a new animation.
Open the animation you are going to use. I am using the whitesparkband animation.
Take note of the amount of frames it has.
Now duplicate your rectangles frames to match.
Select all frames on both.
Drag frame 1 of your animation onto frame 1 of your tag.
Do not let go until you have it in place where you want it.
Now go back to psp and copy the layer with all your other goodies on it.
Bring into animation shop and duplicate the frames to match.
Drag frame 1 onto frame one of your tag.
Do not let go until you have it into position.
View your animated tag.
If you are happy then save.

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