Thursday, October 16, 2014

Creating A Mask in Paint Shop Pro

Creating a Mask
written 10/16/2014

Supplies Needed:

Items to create your mask from such as brushes, images, preset shapes etc
Just remember whatever you use make sure you check the TOU and verify that it is acceptable for use in a mask you are going to share with others. The worst thing is to create something and then find out later you cannot use it and must get rid of it.

Paint Shop Pro

Lets Begin:
First open a canvas as large as you want it.
I tend to make my masks rather large so that they will work for all different sizes of tags as the tag creator can always re-size the mask layer if they need or want to.
Flood fill your bottom layer with black.
Add a new raster layer.
This is where you begin to have fun.
Using the color white or a light grey....
begin adding your brushes, images, preset shapes etc.
I add each item on separate layers so that if I find I am not happy I can remove whatever I want without having to undo everything.
Once you are happy with the size and shape of your mask right click on one of the layers and go to Merge All Flatten.
Then go to Layers New Mask Layer and select from Image.
When the little window pops up using the following settings:
Now here is where I will crop my mask to make it smaller if I need to.
I usually make my original canvas very large.
I typically use 900x900 but I have a rather large monitor.
The cropping part is completely up to you its more or less if you have tons of space around the edges of your mask you don't need them.
Once cropped if you are going to then go to Layers Load/Save Mask and select Save Mask To Disk.
Then a window will open up.
Create a File name of your choosing and click save.
The mask is going to save wherever you have your masks set to save to.
To find this out go to File Preferences File Locations.
Click on Masks and look at the Save To: window near the bottom.
To share that mask with others I go into the folder where it is saved and right click and copy the mask and then paste it into a new folder so I can save it but also still have it in my masks so I can use it too.
That's it you are done!!! 

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  1. Hi Tika. I visited via Pinterest to do your mask tutorial but I am unable to view the lesson because all your pictures are blocked by photobucket ... message reads Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting. For important info, please go to:
    Will visit again to see if the lesson is available. Hugs......Annie T