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Gas Me Up

Gas Me Up
This tutorial was re-written by Tika on 1/12/08
I used psp X but I am sure you can use any version

Supplies needed:

2 images of your choice or if you are using the same theme as me you can use the 2 images I have supplied.

I have also supplied the animated images I created just in case you want to use them and don’t want to spend the time animating them on your own. Please do not pass these around. They were made for this tutorial.

Tube of your choice. I am using the artwork of Michael Landefeld. You can find his work at

Fonts of your choice. I am using several different ones-Babe Bamboo-Century Gothic-Bad Films-Barbatrick

My Supplies can be found HERE


Ulead Gif-X 2.0 plugin is the easiest to use but you might be able to achieve a similar effect by using just animation shop however I wont explain it that way.

This will be a lengthy tutorial but I love the results and there are so many possibilities with this tutorial.

Lets Begin:
We are going to start with animating the images and get that all put together first then we will concentrate on the tag itself. I always do the hardest part first and get it over with lol.
Open all of your images and promote the background layers to raster layers.
I will give you the instructions for one image and then you will just repeat it for the other one KWIM?!
Open one of your images and go to Effects plugins Ulead and Gif-X 2.0 choose the nickelodeon effect.
Use the following settings:
Direction= left right
Position= 0
Show background = unchecked
Then go to frame control area and use the following settings:
In the white boxes left of where it says frames you should have 4/15
Then to the right of that there is a button that is an arrow that looks like a play button. Push that and watch your image slide. Pretty cool huh?!
When you are done watching you can push the button that looks like a stop button.
On the bottom of the Ulead window is a button that says save. Click that and save your first image somewhere on your computer where you can find it easily.
Now repeat the same steps for your other image.
Ok now you have both of your images saved we are going to move into animation shop.
Open animation shop and go to File – animation wizard and use my settings below to go through the wizard:
Same size as the first image frame
Upper left corner of the frame
With canvas color
Scale frames to fit UNCHECKED
Yes repeat the animation indefinitely
Change your speed to 20.
Add your image 1
Click next and finish.
Now your image 1 should be open in animation shop
You can go to the top and view your animation if you want to check it.
Now scroll to the end of your frames and your very last frame should be F:15 D:20.
Go to edit select all.
Now we are going to “cull” our animation so its not quite so large.
Now go to animation – cull animation and use my settings below:
Cull 1 frame every 2 frames
Repeat these steps for the remaining image until you have both of them culled down.
Now comes the tricky part because we are going to put these images together to make one animation.
Just pay attention to what I am saying and take your time and you will do fine.
Make your image 1 active and go to the very last frame of that image and click on it to make it the only frame that is selected.
Then make your image 2 active and go to edit select all.
Now go to edit and click propagate paste.
Edit copy your image 2 and go to back to image 1 and go to edit paste after current frame. Now image 1 and image 2 are together in one animation so you can close image 2 Now we need to “cull” this animation again cuz its huge with both images added together.
So go to animation – cull animation and use the same settings as you did earlier.
Ok now I find it easier to build my tag in animation shop so I open a new 750x750 canvas filled with white an duplicate to match the number of frames in my tag.
Edit select all then edit select all on my animation and edit copy and back to my big canvas and edit paste into selected frame and drop where I want it to be.
I then copy one frame of my animation and paste into psp just so I can build the rest of my tag and have that as a reference for placement and size.
So back in psp open a new canvas of 750x750 and copy and paste your frame from animation shop as a new layer and place it roughly where you placed it in animation shop.
Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer and set it where you want and duplicate your tube.
Select the bottom one.
Go to adjust blur Gaussian blur and add a blur of 10.00
Then go to Xero Fritillary and use the following settings:
Then make your top tube layer active and resize by 90% and position in the center of the layer you added the fritillary to.
Using your fonts add a quote or something to your tag to give it some personality.
I used different fonts and a quote from the movie “American Graffiti”
Add your Name
Add your copyright information and watermark and get ready to move to animation shop again. <sigh>
We are nearly finished!
Crop your tag and then delete the image you had on there (of the car) remember that was just for placement and size.
Then copy merged the rest of the tag and open animation shop and paste as a new animation.
Duplicate to match the frames in your animation canvas.
Select all then copy and paste into selected frames on your main canvas and drop where you want.
View animation and save.
You are done!!!!!!!!!!

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