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I'll Just Be Me

I’ll Just Be Me
This tutorial was written by Tika on 12/22/07
I used PSP X but I am sure you can use any version.

  • Tube of your choice. I am using the art of ana rasha.
  • I am enclosing the images and the elements I used or you can gather your own. You can get them HERE
  • Mask of your choice. I am using one from Vix! Thanks Vix! You can find her awesome masks at under goodies!
  • 2 images of your choice. Or you can use the 2 I have provided.
  • 2 fonts of your choice. I used Bank Gothic LT and Ephesis.

I do not go into a lot of details on the animation of this tutorial. It’s fairly simple and I think most people already know this method of animation.

Lets Begin:

Open a new 750x750 blank canvas. I know its big but its nice to have some room to work with.
Flood fill with white.
Add a new layer and flood fill with a color of your choice and apply your mask. Delete the mask layer and merge the group. Lower the opacity on this layer to about 50.
Open your film strip tube and copy and paste as a new layer. If you want to resize then go ahead. I resized mine by 80%.
Using your magic wand select the top window on the film strip tube. Go to selections modify expand and expand by 2. Add a new layer and drag it below the filmstrip. Open your first image and copy and paste into selection. Selections Select none.
Use your magic wand and select the bottom window and repeat the above steps using the same image.
Then repeat using the above steps using your second image.
Hide your background layer and your mask layer and merge visible your other 3 images and the film strip. Add a drop shadow if you want.
Open your main tube and resize and copy and paste as a new layer. Place where you want and add a drop shadow.
I find by adding the main tube at this point you can put the rest of the elements where you want them and know they are going to look ok.
Open your bow elements and choose one you want to use and copy and paste as a new layer. I colorized mine to match my tube. Resize and place where you want. I chose to put them on the areas that separate the windows in the film strip.
Open your diamond element and copy and paste as a new layer and put where you want. I chose to remove the bottom area and only used the side area.
Using your fonts type a saying or poem or something on your tag to give a special meaning or touch.
Open your diamond alpha and select the first letter of your name. Copy and paste as a new layer. Add a drop shadow and place where you want. I chose to place it on the left side of the filmstrip and make it look like it was attached to the top part.
Add your name.
If you are going to animate like I did. I chose to select the inside of my name and then duplicate 2x and add noise to each layer.
I also added noise to the words at the top that stood out and are different.
Add your copyright information and animate.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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