Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Golden Holiday

Golden Holiday
written 12/9/15

This tutorial is meant purely as a guide. Feel free to make your tag unique by using your own choice of Tube and Scrapkit. If you want your tag to look just like mine then use the same supplies that I have used.

Supplies Used:

Tube is by Andy Cooper. She is called Golden Surprise and you can get her at

Matching Scrapkit by Disturbed Scraps. It is also called Golden Surprise. You can get it at

A golden gradient. You can find some good gradients at I used the gradient for my name.

Animation is by Scrappy Bit of Fun. You can get it at

Mask of your choice. I am using christmas mask #3 by Vix. You can get her awesome masks at You can find them under her Goodies link.

Font of your choice. I am using Stackyard. You can get it at

DSB Flux Linear Transmission

Let's Begin:
Open paper 7 and shift+D to duplicate.
Close the original.
Promote background layer to a raster layer.
Re-size by 85%.
Make your canvas large enough to work with.
Apply the mask of your choice.
Delete the mask layer and merge the group.
If your mask is too small then resize it so it is larger.
I re-sized mine by 130%.
Adjust add/remove noise and add noise at 70% uniform and monochrome.
Add a slight drop shadow to the mask layer to help it pop a little.
Open your tube at this time and copy and paste as a new layer.
Re-size as needed and position on your tag canvas.
Duplicate your tube 2x so there are a total of 3 layers of the tube.
On the bottom layer adjust blur gaussian blur of 20.
Then apply the DSB Flux Linear Transmission with the following settings:
 On the top layer adjust blur gaussian blur at 10.00.
Lower the opacity to 50.
On the middle layer apply a drop shadow of your choice.
Now lets dress it up from some of the great elements from the kit.
I will list the elements I used. Placement is completely up to you.
If you want your tag to look just like mine then use my tag for reference.
Elements I used:
element 11
element 16
element 22
element 30
element 36
element 38
element 56
element 57
element 63
Add your name.
Add your copyright and licensing information.
Layers new raster layer and fill this new layer with white.
Move to the bottom.
Lets get ready to add the animation.
Copy and paste your tag into animation shop.
Open your animation and take note of the number of frames it has.
Re-size the animation if you choose.
Duplicate your tag to match the number of frames.
Select all frames in both your tag and your animation.
Grab the first frame of your animation and drag it onto the first frame of your tag.
Position and drop.
View your animated tag.
Re-size and save.

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