Thursday, March 5, 2015

Be My Love

Be My Love
written 3/5/2015

Supplies Needed:

Matching Scrap Kit by Kizzed By Kelz. You can get it at

Font of your choice. I am using Qaskin. You can get it at


Let's Begin:
Open element 45 and shift+D to duplicate.
Close the original.
Make your canvas large enough to work with.
Go to adjust add/remove noise and add noise at 75% with uniform and monochrome checked.
Add a sharp drop shadow to the element frame.
I used 1 -1 100 2.00 black
Open element 55.
Copy and paste as a new layer.
Drag under the frame.
Move to the left side of the inside of the frame.
Add a slight drop shadow.
I used 1 0 60 2.00 black.
Duplicate and move this layer to the right side.
Merge these 2 layers together just to keep your layer palette clean.
Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer.
Re-size so she will fit nicely within your tag.
I moved mine to the far left of the frame so it looked like she was sitting on it.
Add a drop shadow to your tube.
Now lets add some elements and dress this tag up.
Placement is entirely up to you and you can use my tag as reference.
I will list the elements that I used:
element 11 – I placed this under my tube so she was sitting on it.
Element 30 – I duplicated and placed them randomly along the bottom.
Element 35
Element 38
Element 86 – again I duplicated and placed them randomly along the bottom with the white flowers.
Element 119
I used my font and added the words “ Be My” at the bottom in front of love but this is up to you.
Add your name.
Add your copyright and licensing information.

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