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Love Yourself Enough

Love Yourself Enough
written 10/15/2015

This tutorial is meant purely as a guide. If you want your tag to look just like mine then used the exact same supplies as I have. Feel free to make your tag unique by using your own tube and scrap kit. Also if you want your tag to look just like mine then use my tag for reference on placement of the elements.

Supplies Used:

Tube called October Pink by Andy Cooper. You can get it at

Scrap Kit called BCA Sweetie by Bibi's Collection. You can get it at

Mask of your choice. I am using mask #251 by WeeScotsLass Creations. You can get it at

Font of your choice. I am using Annabelle Script. You can get it at


Let's Begin:
Open a new blank canvas that is 700x700.
Open paper 2 and copy and paste as a new layer.
Open your close up of your tube and copy and paste as a new layer.
You want your tube to take up a good portion of the paper canvas.
Now I wanted my tube to be black and white except a couple of pops of color and the places I chose were her lips and the breast cancer ribbon on her arm.
I am going to teach you my way of achieving this effect. I am sure there are many other ways but this is how I do it. Feel free to either follow in my instructions or do it your own way.
Duplicate your tube.
On the bottom layer go to adjust hue and saturation colorize and set both values to 0 and there by changing the color of the bottom tube to black and white.
Now on your top layer using your eraser tool erase all the bits that you do not want colored. Leaving the bits you want colored un touched.
You may need to change the sizes of your eraser to get this and when I am doing the fine details around the colored items I will zoom in really really close and erase each little bit dot by dot. This can be time consuming but for me the effort is well worth the effect and final outcome.
Once you are done erasing if your edges of the colored items look jagged just use your soften tool and go around the edges a bit and soften them and blend them .
Add a drop shadow to your bottom tube ONLY.
Now merge all of your layers together.
Make your canvas large enough to work with.
Now lets dress it up with some elements from this beautiful kit.
I will list the elements I used.
Placement is completely up to you.
If you want your tag to look just like mine then use my tag for reference.
Elements I used:
element 26
element 43
element 49
element 72
element 80
element 110
element 113
element 123
Add your name.
Add your copyright and licensing information.
Crop and save.

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