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Shot Through The Heart

Shot Through The Heart
Written 2/14/2017
This tutorial is meant purely as a guide. Feel free to use your own choice of tube or scrap kit to make your tag unique.
If you want your tag to look just like mine, then use the same supplies I have used. This tutorial assumes you have a knowledge
of paint shop pro. Any resemblance to any other tag or tutorial is completely coincidental.

Supplies Used:

Tube of your choice. I am using the work of Di Halim. This tube is called Cupid in Pink and you can purchase her at
Scrap Kit is by Bibi’s Collection. It is called Cupid In Pink. You can purchase it at

Mask of your choice. I am using one by a member at my forum. This mask was made by Bev. You can find our forum at Come join us and check out all the goodies and fun!!

Font of your choice. I am using Guarddilla Typeface. This is a PTU font.
Animation is by Divine Intentionz. You can get it at


Let's Begin:
Open paper 8 from the kit. Shift+D to duplicate. Close the original. Re-size as needed/wanted. Promote the background layer to a raster layer. Apply the mask of your choice. Delete the mask layer and merge the group. I added a slight drop shadow to the mask layer to help it stand out just a bit more but this is completely up to you.

Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer. Re-size until she is just slightly larger than the mask layer. Add a drop shadow.

Now let’s dress the tag up with elements from the kit. I will list the elements I used. Feel free to use other elements to make your tag unique. Placement of the elements is completely up to you. If you want your tag to look just like mine, then use my tag for reference.

Elements I used:
Add your Name.

Add your copyright and licensing information.

Let’s Get ready to add the animation:

Crop your tag.

Merge all the layers together except the mask layer.

Layers new raster layer and move to the bottom.
Flood fill with white.

Copy the white background and the mask layer to animation shop.
Duplicate the number of frames to match the number of frames in  your animation. In my case its 20.

Drag the first frame of your animation onto the first frame of your tag. Once happy with the placement go back to psp and copy the rest of your tag. Bring into animation shop. Duplicate and drag to the animated tag. Once you are done view your completed animated tag. If you are happy optimize and save.

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