Saturday, February 28, 2015

Very Bad

Very Bad
written 2/28/2015

Supplies Needed:

Brushes of your choice. I used grungy type brushes. You can get some good brushes at

Font of your choice. I am using Impact and Robusta Light.


Let's Begin:
Open v39 and shift+D to duplicate.
Close the original.
Re-size to a size you want for you tag. This will be the frame/base.
Layers new raster layer and drag under the frame.
Using your magic wand select the inside of the frame.
Selections modify and expand by 10.
Open vp5 and copy and paste into selection.
Selections select none.
Layers new raster layer and drag to the bottom.
Apply the brushes of your choice all around the frame.
Add a drop shadow to the frame.
Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer.
Position so she is sitting on the bottom inside of the frame.
Add a drop shadow.
Now add elements all around her inside and outside the frame.
The elements I used were:
Using your impact font write out “VERY BAD” along the bottom and make it rather large.
I erased bits to make it appear as one leg was in front but that is up to you.
Add your name
Add your copyright and licensing information.
Crop and save.


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