Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Harlequin Le'Paris

Harlequin Le'Paris
written 5/19/15

Supplies Needed:

Tube of choice. I am using the work of Andy Cooper. You can get this tube at

Mask of your choice. I am using mask #19 by Insatiable Dreams. You can get these masks at

Font of your choice. I am using Autograph. You can get it at


Let's Begin:
Open paper 2 and shift+D to duplicate.
Close the original.
Promote your background layer to a raster layer.
Make your canvas large enough to work with.
Apply your mask.
Delete the mask layer and merge the group.
Open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer.
Re-size if needed so she will fit nicely in front of the mask.
Add a drop shadow.
Now I am going to list the elements that I used.
You can either use the same elements that I did or choose to use your own.
Placement of the elements is completely up to you as you should make this tag your own.
If you want your tag to look just like mine then use my tag for reference.
The elements I used are :
Add your name.
Add your copyright and licensing information.
Crop and save.

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