Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Off With Her Head - 3 Piece Forum Set

Off With Her Head – 3 piece set
written 10/20/2015

This tutorial is meant purely as a guide. Feel free to make your tag unique by using your own tubes and scrap kit. If you want your tag to look just like mine then use the same supplies that I have and use my tag for reference on placement of items.

Supplies Used:

Mask of your choice. I am using mask #30 from Insatiable Dreams. You can get her masks at

Font of your choice. I am using La Maison de Papier. You can get it at


Please note this is going to be a lengthy tutorial as it is 3 pieces and I will describe how to create each of the 3 pieces and since 2 of them are animated it will take a bit of time. *

Let's Begin:
We are going to start with the first item in the set which will be the avatar and the easiest.
Open a new blank canvas that is 98x208.
Selections select all.
Open paper 6 and copy and paste into selection.
Selections select none.
Open your tube.
If you are using the same tube as me you will have 1 layer that is normal and 1 layer that is bloody. We will be working with both.
First select all the options you want as far as hair color, makeup etc.
Select the layer that is bloody first.
Copy and paste as a new layer onto your avatar canvas.
Re-size by 50%.
Move to the lower part of the canvas with her head tilting towards the left.
Once you have her into place go back to your tube and copy and paste as a new layer the normal tube with the same options as you selected previously.
Re-size by 50%.
Move down and make sure you place it directly on top of the first tube.
Add a drop shadow to both tubes.
Layers new raster layer and flood fill with black.
Selections modify and contract by 7 and then hit delete.
Selections select none.
Add a drop shadow to the frame.
Add your name or initial.
Add your copyright and licensing information and lets get ready to animate.
I am going to go over the animation instructions and it will be the same for this avatar and the banner tag.
Hide the bottom tube layer which should be your bloody layer.
Copy merged the normal layer.
Open animation shop and right click and paste as a new animation.
Go to effects image transition and select fade.
Delete the very last frame which will leave you 20 frames.
Copy the above steps with the bloody tube.
Click on the last frame of the normal tube animation and copy and paste all the frames of the bloody tube animation after that frame.
Adjust the frame properties until you are happy with the effect.
This is all trial and error.
Now lets go back to psp and work on the banner tag.
Open a new blank canvas that is 650x225.
Open paper 6 and copy and paste as a new layer and position how you want on your canvas.
Copy and paste your bloody tube and then your normal tube like you did on the av.
Link them and then move them to position how you want in the center of the tag canvas.
Add a drop shadow as you did on the avatar.
Dress up your banner by adding some of the elements from the kit.
Add an outside banner like you did with the avatar. Only I made mine 10 thick on this banner.
Now animate your banner just like you did your avatar.
Lets move on to the actual tag.
Open paper 6 and shift+D to duplicate.
Close the original.
Promote your background layer to a raster layer.
Apply the mask of your choice.
Delete the mask layer and merge the group.
Selection select all float and defloat.
Selections modify and expand by 6.
Flood fill with black and you might have to do it a couple of times until you get it as full as you want.
Selections select none.
Drag the black layer under the mask layer.
Merge these 2 together.
Open your tube either the normal or the blood your choice.
Copy and paste as a new layer and position on your tag.
Add a drop shadow.
Now dress up your tag with elements from the kit.
Add your name to all 3 pieces along with copyright and licensing information.
Crop and save.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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