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Keepin It Cool

Keepin It Cool
Written 6/5/2016
This tutorial is meant purely as a guide. Feel free to use your own choice of tube or scrap kit to  make your tag unique. If you want your tag to look just like mine them use the same supplies I have used. This tutorial assumes you have a knowledge of paint shop pro. Any resemblance to any other tag or tutorial is completely coincidental.
Supplies Used:
Tube of your choice. I am using a tube by Aleksky Stark. I purchased this tube at MPT which is no longer in business and am not sure where to purchase this tube any longer so use whatever tube works for your.
Scrap kit is a fun cool lil kit by Amy Marie called Summer Ice. You can purchase this kit at
Font of your choice. I am using Run Tron 1983. You can download it at
DSB Flux Bright Noise
Drop shadow used throughout:
0 0 50 6.50 black
Let's Begin:
Open element 10 and shift+D to duplicate. Close the original. Re-size as needed. This will be the base for your tag. Make your canvas large enough to give you room to work with. You can crop and save when you are done.
Using your magic wand tool select the inside of the frame and selections modify and expand by 6. Layers new raster layer and drag under the frame. Open paper 15 and copy and paste into selection. Selections select none. Add a drop shadow to the frame.
Open element 47 and copy and paste as a new layer at the top and move to the far left of the frame. Duplicate 2x for a total of 3. Hide the top 2 layers. Apply the DSB Flux Bright noise filter using 42% and mix. Unhide the next one and apply the filter again but click mix 2x. Unhide the last one and apply the filter again hitting mix 3x.
At this point open your tube and copy and paste as a new layer and place so she is in the front of the bottom right of the wave. This will allow some space on her right to add one of the cute penguin elements from the kit. Add a drop shadow.
Open one of the cute penguins from this kit. I used #3 but you can use whatever one you want. Copy and paste as a new layer. Re-size if you need/want to. Move to the right of your tube and add a drop shadow.
Now lets use some of the great elements in this cute to dress up this adorable tag. I will simply list the elements I used. You may use other elements of your choice. This will make your tag unique. Placement of the elements is completely up to you however if you want your tag to look just like mine then use my tag for reference.
Elements I used:
24 ( I used my pick tool and rotated and erased bits to make it look like she was holding in her hand but this is up to you)
Layers new raster layer and flood fill with white. Drag to the bottom.
Add your name.
Add your copyright and licensing information.
Crop and lets get ready to animate.
Hide the top 2 layers of the wave you added noise to.
Copy merged all of the layers that are showing.
Open animation shop and right click and paste as a new animation.
Back to psp and hide the bottom wave layer and unhide the middle one. Copy merged again and back to animation shop edit and paste after current frame.
Repeat the above steps with the top wave layer.
View your animated tag if you are happy save.

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